REFLECT 2017: A Collaborative Research Forum in Suicide Prevention

REFLECT 2017: A Collaborative Research Forum in Suicide Prevention took place over three days, from October 1st to October 3rd, 2017. The aim was to bring together researchers and people with lived experience of suicide to discuss how we can best collaborate and improve the methods of patient-oriented research. This year, our over-arching goal is to produce a best practices guide in patient-oriented suicide prevention research, which will be posted on the Hatching Hub website as soon as it is available. Below you will find video and PowerPoint slides of some of the presentations and panels that took place at this event. 

October 1st, 2017

Patient-Oriented Research in Suicide Prevention

[Dr. Marnin Heisel, Dr. Simon Hatcher, Simon Denegri, Alicia Raimundo]

Alicia Raimundo

Alicia Raimundo has been described as a "mental health superhero," battling serious bouts of anxiety, depression and a suicide attempt since the age of 13. She has given two TEDxTalks, was named one of 2012's "faces of mental illness," spoke at the Clinton Global Initiative, headlined the UN's International Youth Day 2014 at the UN headquareters in New York, and represented Canada in Thailand and Ottawa at One Young World conferences. 

When she is not speaking she writes (find her at Huffington post and her book: Red Carnation), researches, advises and creates awesome and innovative programming with awesome young people (BeChange, Bean Bag Chat as some examples). Her photoshoot was Cher in the April version of Vanity Fair U.K.


Biographies for Dr. Marnin Heisel, Dr. Simon Hatcher and Simon Denegri are included below. 

October 2nd, 2017

Opening Remarks and Keynote - From Revolution to Evolution: The UK Experience of Public Involvement in Research

[Simon Denegri and Dr. Dean Fergusson]

Dr. Dean Fergusson

Dr. Dean Fergusson is a Senior Scientist & Director, Clinical Epidemiology Program, at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute. He is also a Full Professor, Departments of Medicine, Surgery, & of the School of Epidemiology and Public Health, University of Ottawa. Dr. Fergusson holds the position of Endowed Chair, OHRI/uOttawa, Clinical Epidemiology Program. 

Simon Denegri

Simon Denegri is National Director for Patients and the Public in Research at the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), and Chair of INVOLVE - the national advisory group for the promotion and support of public involvement in research funded by the NHR. He writes and speaks extensively about community and public involvement in health and social care and blogs at He also writes poetry which he publishes at

Foundations of Patient-Oriented Research (POR): The Current State of Affairs

[Zarah Monfaredi and Alies Maybee]

Zarah Monfaredi

Zarah is a Clinical Research Assistant and the Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR) Program Facilitator at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (OHRI) and the Ottawa Methods Centre (OMC). In her role, Zarah works to promote patient-oriented research (POR) methods and guide policy development for such work at the Ottawa Hospital. She supports and facilitates training in POR at the local, provincial and national level. Zarah is interested in working to identify and a address gaps in evidence to improve POR methodology and patient engagement in research further. 

Alies Maybee

Since 2001, Alies has been a patient advisor in various areas of healthcare, notably in health research. She led the Ontario SPOR (Strategy for Patient Oriented Research) Demonstration project examining the experience of patients and caregivers as partners in research with fellow patients. Alies and her colleagues each partner on a number of research projects covering a wide variety of research. As a graduate of the PaCER (Patient and Community Engagement Research) program, she has conducted PaCER research sponsored by Saint Elizabeth Healthcare. 



Interagency Collaboration and Suicide Prevention: Filling in the Cracks

[Noah Spector]

Noah Spector, M.S.W., Ph.D., recently completed his doctoral stuides in Educational Counselling at the University of Ottawa. For his dissertation, Noah conducted qualitative research into family experiences of their children's mental health treatment when this care is shared between community and hospital based mental health service providers. 

October 3rd, 2017

Patient Involvement at the Local Level: Lessons Learned from Community Organizations - YouthNet

[Stefan Domaradzki]

Stefan Domaradzki

Stefan Domaradzki is a Mental Health Planner at YouthNet/ReseauAdo; a youth mental health program that operates within the mental health outpatient services unit at the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario. Mr. Domaradzki liaises with key stakeholders in the community and school system but most notably, he is the lead and coordinates the Youth Advisory Committee (known as YAC). YAC's members are young individuals aged 13-20 who have extensive knowledge and passion regarding youth mental health and its system. 

Canadian Research Agenda and Knowledge Translation Initiative on Suicide and its Prevention

[Isabel Giardino and Marc-Etienne Joseph]

Isabel Giardino

Isabel Giardino is the manager of the Suicide Prevention Unit in the Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention Branch of the Public Health Agency of Canada. Her team is currently leading a process to develop a shared research agenda for Canada on suicide and its prevention, in collaboration with the Mental Health Commission of Canada, as well as the development of resources related to safe messaging on suicide. 

Marc-Étienne Joseph

Marc-Étienne is a senior policy analyst who works within the Suicide Prevention Unit in the Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention Branch of the Public Health Agency of Canada. Marc-Étienne is currently leading the Canadian Research Agenda and Knowledge Translation Initiative on suicide and its prevention in collaboration with the Mental Health Commission of Canada, and the National Research Advisory Committee on Suicide and its Prevention. 



Death Talk in Belgium: Can Open Dialogue About Medically Assisted Death Reduce Suicide?

[Antoine Przybylak-Brouillard]

Antoine is a qualitative researcher at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute. His graduate research at the University of Ottawa, in medical anthropology, focuses on right-to-die advocacy in medical communities. Antoine's fieldwork took place across Belgium, Quebec, and Ontario where he interviewed patient-family-advocates and healthcare professionals. He is particularly interested in assisted-death request from patients who express psychological and existential suffering as their reason for wishing death.

Connecting Research and Youth: How to Ensure a Youth Voice in Evaluation

[Élyse Champaigne-Klassen]

Élyse Champaigne-Klassen is a Mental Health Research Planner at YouthNet/ReseauAdo, a youth mental health program that operates within the mental health outpaitnet services unit at the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario. A passionate mental health researcher and graduate from the University of Ottawa, her goal is to research the mental health needs of youth through evaluation. She has been part of multiple projects spanning from resilience after negative life events, parents readiness to change behavior and youth mental health. 

Go Where the Men Are

[Barbara Snelgrove]

Barbara Snelgrove

Barbara is the Knowledge Manager - Mental Health & Suicide Prevention with the Movember Foundation. She supports the successful scaling, piloting and dissemination of knowledge generated by program investments in men's mental health. Barbara has extensive experience in the health charity sector. She has developed national education programs for a variety of audiences, including patient-centered resources, online accredited courses for health care providers, and was project manager on the publication of clinical practice guidelines. 

The BEACON Study: A Case Example

[Dr. Marnin Heisel and Dr. Simon Hatcher]

Dr. Simon Hatcher

Dr. Simon Hatcher is currently a Full Professor and the Vice-Chair of Psychiatry in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Ottawa. He moved from Auckland, New Zealand in May 2012 where he worked for 18 years as a Clinical Academic running a Liaison Psychiatry Program in a general hospital and at the Department of Psychological Medicine at the University of Auckland. 

Dr. Marnin Heisel

Dr. Marnin Heisel is a Clinical Psychologist. Research Director and Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry, cross-appointed to the Department of Epidemiology and Bio-statistics at Western University, a Lawson Scientist and an adjunct faculty member with the Center for the Study and Prevention of Suicide at the University of Rochester Medical Center. 


REFLECT 2017: Introduction to Clinical Research

[Valerie Testa]

Valerie Testa

Valerie Testa is the Clinical Research Program Manager in the Hatching Ideas Lab at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, Clinical Epidemiology Program. She is responsible for fostering and establishing partnerships with research organizations, institutions and government sectors at the Federal, Provincial and Municipal levels to conduct research in the areas of: digital health technologies; suicide prevention in high-risk and underserved populations; intentional self-harm; first responder mental health; PTSD; patient engagement and patient-oriented research; and health systems research. Valerie Testa is also a co-Chair of the Society of Clinical Research Associates (SOCRA) Ottawa Chapter and is a current member of the Women’s Executive Network and the Ontario College of Teachers.