Involvement of Service Users and Caregivers in Research





A key deliverable of the Suicide Prevention Strategic Initiative is the involvement of service users and caregivers in research - though, not solely as participants. Instead, the goal is to involve people with lived experience in every stage of the research process from the development of research questions and study design, to analysis of results as well as dissemination of research findings.

The Development of SUCRIG

In 2015, we created the Ottawa Chapter of the Service User and Caregiver Research Interest Group (SUCRIG) in suicide prevention which seeks to involve people with lived experience in research in suicide prevention as collaborators and instigators of research.  Members with lived experience will inform the implementation of future research within the context of suicide prevention and/or other areas of expertise. Member feedback is not tied to a specific study; rather, it addresses barriers which currently exist for patients and clinicians. The ultimate goal is for the committee to influence policy reform.  

The diverse group of SUCRIG members provide guidance, as needed, on a large scope of topics relating to suicide prevention research. This may include, but is not limited to:

  • Advice to researchers on potential research projects/questions, methodological standards in the design and knowledge translation as it pertains to mental health research;

  • Strategies for maximizing patient centeredness in research;

  • Strategies for participant recruitment, eligibility and evaluation;

  • Not being passive recipients of research but generating ideas for research. SUCRIG members can use researchers to help connect their projects to funding opportunities;

  • Approaches to suicide intervention and prevention, such as media campaigns which promote awareness, alternative therapies which reduce stigma, improved training for clinicians, etc.;

  • Approaches to supporting participants through treatment from both a clinical and a patient perspective;

  • Assisting to develop a large-scale mental health literacy campaign in the Ottawa Region;

  • Assisting to develop a website identifying SUCRIG’s platform.  

Interested in participating in SUCRIG?

We are always looking for new members to participate in the SUCRIG! If you are interested in participating or have any questions  about the group, please contact us at:

Telephone: (613) 737-8059

Or feel free to stop by one of our meetings (see calendar of events for more details)!

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